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firstwrite® is a Canadian research and consulting company working in a number of related fields: public and social policy, issues and trends, labour relations and public sector issues.

We offer extensive experience in the labour movement and the federal public sector, and in communications (written, oral, print and electronic media presentations to a wide variety of audiences). We combine substantial academic and practical expertise in research and analysis, policy development, problem-solving, consensus-building, visioning, creativity, analysis, synthesis, and strategic planning.

Our current research interests include governance ( structure, representation, accountability, decision-making models, recourse/redress systems and conflict resolution), employment (equity, collective bargaining, health and safety, benefits and workplace rights), cultural issues (the dynamics of culture-specific legislation and policy) and human rights .

firstwrite® researches, prepares and edits articles, reports, oral presentations, synopses, environmental scans, campaign literature and other materials as our clients require.




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Last updated August 14, 2012